What the actual Fu

Okay, this is insane. We just got word that we will be supporting the dustiest motherfuzzers the Rock cosmos has to offer this Saturday. Ladies and Gentlejackalopes, please join us in rejoicing over the incredible occurrence that we will be opening for none other than the one and only, genre-birthing Fu Manchu!

Don’t know who that is? What the hell are you doing on OUR website then, head right on over to Wikipedia, fool!
See? That’s better. NOW PARTY!

Any further questions? Find all the answers here.

See you at the show, Cologne!

Return Of The Jackalope out now on Ripple Music!

Oh, sweet baby Beermachine. Jack is back!

We’ve come a long way since we first unleashed Return Of The Jackalope onto the masses (you, that is) and we couldn’t be prouder to release it once more via Ripple Music, one of the world’s most involved heavy rock labels and based in the heart of California.

But this isn’t merely a measly re-issue – nay. We’ve revamped our firstborn with a brand-new cover artwork by our good friend and renowned illustrator Artur Bäcker and we’ve also (finally!) put it on wax. Yes, you heard right: Your favorite Plainride record is now actually a record. On vinyl. 2x 180g of it to be perfectly candid. Stuffed to the brim with bonus material. It’s a beast.

We know you want one. Here’s where you can get your hands on it:

Bandcamp: https://plainride.bandcamp.com/album/return-of-the-jackalope
Ripple Music (Recommended for US- and Non-EU Customers): http://www.ripplemusic.bigcartel.com/…/plainride-return-of-…
On this very website: http://plainri.de/product/rotj_vinyl_lp_black/
Lo-Fi Merchandise:

We’re also back on Spotify, iTunes, and all these other places.

Now get out there and spread the fuzz! ⚡️



Plainride sign with Ripple Music!


That is right. We are indeed out of control. As of Summer 2016, Plainride, your local Colognian Riff Dealers, are stepping up their game big time: We’ve teamed up with the hottest, fuzziest, highwayiest label in the history of labels: Ripple Music! Worshiped by its fans and feared by the industry’s fat cats. AND ALSO STRAIGHT OUT OF MOTHERFUDGIN’ SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA! We can’t begin to describe how rad this is. Which is why we won’t.

Instead, you should head on over to Ripple HQ and buy their entire discography, because it is AMAZING!

We’ll be following up with a re-release of Return Of The Jackalope and fantastic news for all the wax-heads later this year. Prepare your wallets, FOR THERE WILL BE VINYL.

Tons of Jackalove, talk soon y’all crazy beautiful people, share the news, and RIDE ON!



Heads up, Fuzzalopes!

It’s been a while since we attempted shooting a music video and – as some of you may remember – it didn’t end well for our beloved Fabe. On this day however, we’re proud to tell you that the Plaintrain prevailed at last and finally managed to ban some of our shenanigans on tape for you.
Ladies and Gentlejacks, we give you: Warpdrive!

This bad motherfuzzer of a video was planned, shot, directed & edited by and together with our good friends at Kreativrudel – Bonn’s most badass creative agency! We raise our horns to you!

The guys from Deaf Forever were kind enough to lend us their website for our vile purposes. So head over here to check out our brand new vid!

To top things off, here’s a bunch of GIFs from the video we put together for you to use when- and wherever you deem it applicable.

Cheers & FUZZ ON!

PR_Warpdrive_DamBeerText PR_Warpdrive_LeoDWI_smallPR_Warpdrive_FabeFP PR_Warpdrive_MaxYeahText


Return Of The Jackalope

This is it.

As of today, we’re unleashing Return Of The Jackalope on the world and we’re a proud ass bunch as you can see on this totally real and physically accurate picture!

You can now find our album pretty much anywhere on the internet (any service that’s not already covered should follow in the next few hours or so) but if you wanna do us a favor, go get it on Bandcamp here.

We’d like to express our utmost gratitude to all the marvelous people, who have helped us make this happen: Andrew, The Jackalope, Franz Abendroth, Artur Bäcker, Sophie Holtz, Timon Menge, Sven Röbel, Andy Seibt, Szymon Swoboda and Saimon Galus, our parents, pets and roommates, our van, all the gallons of beer that were consumed during the process of this release and last but not least all of you magnificent bastards out there!

Now bask in the fuzziness of the Jackalope and GO SPREAD THE ROCK!
Plainride Over & Out

Song Premiere: Devil At Your Heels

Honored disciples of the Jackalope!

For the first time ever we’re giving you a brand new song off the upcoming album: Devil At Your Heels is now streaming via acclaimed American Stoner Blog The Obelisk and comes with a high velocity video featuring a bunch of the great press quotes we received thus far. All the while you’re rockin’ out to the new track, make sure to also read the great article, which JJ from The Obelisk wrote and can be found here.
This premiere also marks the official start of our album preorder via Lo-Fi Merchandise and Ozium Records. Be one of the first to grab a copy, we promise you won’t regret it!

As for the song, here ya go: