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Song Premiere: Devil At Your Heels

Honored disciples of the Jackalope!

For the first time ever we’re giving you a brand new song off the upcoming album: Devil At Your Heels is now streaming via acclaimed American Stoner Blog The Obelisk and comes with a high velocity video featuring a bunch of the great press quotes we received thus far. All the while you’re rockin’ out to the new track, make sure to also read the great article, which JJ from The Obelisk wrote and can be found here.
This premiere also marks the official start of our album preorder via Lo-Fi Merchandise and Ozium Records. Be one of the first to grab a copy, we promise you won’t regret it!

As for the song, here ya go:

Album Announcement: “Return Of The Jackalope” to be released on July 24


We’re finally unleashing our debut album ‘Return Of The Jackalope’ upon the world on July 24. It’ ll be released via Bochum based face-kickin’ label Beerfuzz Records. But don’t take our word for it, just check out the ballin’ album announcement that good ol’ Mr. Fuzz of More Fuzz wrote for us. That’s quite a lot of fuzz right there – just the way we like it…

We’re also giving away 3 copies of the album once it hits the shelves. Just follow this link to get to the announcement post and the contest.

Also make sure to check out the epic artwork we were bestowed upon by Artur Bäcker Рan immensely talented sonofabitch and overall asskicker!

Jackalope Fuzz Review [GER]

Jeder Gitarrist kennt sie, die Suche nach dem “Holy Grail”, dem perfekten Fuzz. Schon einmal vorweggenommen: Meine Suche endet erstmal hier.

Zu meiner Person: Ich bin Mitte 20, spiele Rhythm-Guitar und bin ein Pedal-Geek!

Ich hatte schon reichlich Kontakt zu Fuzz-Pedalen, von Bodentretern von der Stange, bis hin zu edlen Boutique Pedalen, auf meinem Brett haben sich schon zig Zerren getummelt, unter anderem auch der Fuzzly Bear von KMA-Machines und der kommt da so schnell auch nicht mehr weg. Denn gerade als Rhythmus Gitarrist hat man mit Zerren immer ein Problem: Akkorde! Continue reading

The Jackalope Fuzz

Have you ever felt like your pedalboard is lacking both savagery and enigma?
Well fear no more – Berlin’s very own KMA-Machines have got your back. These guys are a small boutique pedal manufacturing venture that started out the same year as we did (2013). And let us assure you that so far they’ve brought nothing but pure epicness into this world. Their flagship pedal, the mighty Fuzzly Bear, is a helluva beast. But it get’s even better: The guys over at KMA bestowed upon Fabe a custom designed Fuzzly Bear with a healthy extra: shitloads of horns. Continue reading

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Jack’s Decree

Fellow doers of mischief,

It is I. The Jackalope. I have come to warn ye all of a great evil that has risen to bring chaos to these very lands. Let it be known that I am not an enemy of trickeries or misdemeanor in the name of mere jest. But what these madmen are up to will shake the very foundations of your souls. They call themselves ‘Plainride’ – in some obscure attempt at incarnating the ancient spirits of the Desert. And they will bring noise – ‘fuzz’ as they call it – upon the innocent and they will strike lust in the hearts of the sinful and they will corrupt the people with firewater and beer.

Godspeed, my friends. You have been warned.

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