Heads up, Fuzzalopes!

It’s been a while since we attempted shooting a music video and – as some of you may remember – it didn’t end well for our beloved Fabe. On this day however, we’re proud to tell you that the Plaintrain prevailed at last and finally managed to ban some of our shenanigans on tape for you.
Ladies and Gentlejacks, we give you: Warpdrive!

This bad motherfuzzer of a video was planned, shot, directed & edited by and together with our good friends at Kreativrudel – Bonn’s most badass creative agency! We raise our horns to you!

The guys from Deaf Forever were kind enough to lend us their website for our vile purposes. So head over here to check out our brand new vid!

To top things off, here’s a bunch of GIFs from the video we put together for you to use when- and wherever you deem it applicable.

Cheers & FUZZ ON!

PR_Warpdrive_DamBeerText PR_Warpdrive_LeoDWI_smallPR_Warpdrive_FabeFP PR_Warpdrive_MaxYeahText


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