Salt River

Today I killed my father with a shovel and a shotgun,

Now there’s hot news on the wire ‘bout a madman on the run,

From what I hear they’re punchin’ out a new batch of badges,

Can hear them sniffing in the dark while I’m flippin’ my matches,


Salt River!

Oh yeah!


Saw my faces on a barrow, they we’re lackin’ the scars,

My mama always told me: you ain’t makin’ it far,

Well here I am, cockin’ my .44,

My ma ain’t gonna talk that shit no more,


Well son, it’s been ten years down the road,

And I can tell you: boy, I’m getting old,

But let me tell you somethin’ I’ve been told,

Never stop digging for that shinin’ gold,

And if you got no hand, you still don’t fold,

And if you find some girl, you better hold,

And if you’re at the crossroads, keep an eye on your soul,

And always make your stand till you’re dead and cold,


Salt River!

Oh yeah!