Man Chu need to see this

Heavenly angels of the blazing desert, what a show!

With the dust having settled over the carnage that was our Fu Manchu support gig and our livers duly recovered, at last we feel up to getting back in front of an electronic device (instead of having one hanging around your neck and furiously striking it to blast mean riffs into a crowd of what must’ve been 500 people) in order to bring you word of our insane night at Cologne’s BĂĽrgerhaus Stollwerck last weekend.

It may come to a surprise to you given our good looks and overall very professional-looking appearance, but this has been our biggest show to date and we have to admit we’re the tiniest bit proud to say that it was a total blast on all accounts. As far as our adrenaline-drenched memory of that night is concerned, that is (he he he). Not only did we get to share the stage with one of the (if not THE) Stoner / Desert Rock™ band(s) out there and a bunch of personal heroes of ours but we were lavishly treated to a great welcome and overall amazing help by the entire local and touring crew as well as of course a killer crowd of beautiful, bearded and/or long-haired people that we hope are 100% sure had just as much of a ball as we did!

All in all: 13/10, would fuzz out with again!

Last but not least, check out for a German review and full image gallery of the show!