The Jackalope Fuzz

Have you ever felt like your pedalboard is lacking both savagery and enigma?
Well fear no more – Berlin’s very own KMA-Machines have got your back. These guys are a small boutique pedal manufacturing venture that started out the same year as we did (2013). And let us assure you that so far they’ve brought nothing but pure epicness into this world. Their flagship pedal, the mighty Fuzzly Bear, is a helluva beast. But it get’s even better: The guys over at KMA bestowed upon Fabe a custom designed Fuzzly Bear with a healthy extra: shitloads of horns.

Introducing The Jackalope. The fuzziest stompbox yet.
Here’s what Fabe has to say about his new baby (he had to translate it from Redneck to German, so that’s what you’re stuck with now):

Der Fuzzly Bear ist ein verdammt gutes Fuzz und das Beste, das ich bisher gespielt habe.

Read the whole review here. Also, here’s some pictures. Aren’t they cute?