Tour Announcement: High On Tires Spring Tour 2019 w/ The Trikes

Strap in and fuel up: We will be hitting the road with our Ripple Music buddies in The Trikes this March! First three shows will also feature our favorite Belgian rifflords in Fire Down Below. Come on down and get groovy with a bunch of handsome lads.

P.S.: We still have two open open dates on March 28 and 29. Want us to come your way? Drop us an email:


22.03. Gießen, AK44
23.03. RippleFest Cologne, Club Volta
24.03. Hertogenbosch, Willem Twee
26.03. Hamburg, Pooca Bar
27.03. Berlin, Toast Hawaii
28.03. TBA
29.03. TBA
30.03. Dresden, Veränderbar