We’re Live! (On Ares)

Worshippers of the riff,

It is with the greatest pride that today we bring you our new album, Life On Ares. We have poured our hearts and souls (and also thousands of liters of beer) into making this record and today we’re sending it off into the aether for it to brave the perils of space-time and make its journey right into your very ears.

Our Eternal Gratitude belongs to all those involved in the creation of Life On Ares:

Marius Ley and Alberto De Icaza for their adamant perseverance, Benni Landmann and Victoria Schaffrath for lending us their Magic, Solomacello for Adding color to sound, Timon Menge for his iron fist, Todd Severin and the entire team at Ripple Music for paving the way, and you, our fans, friends, and families for your unwavering love and support.

(And also the good folks over at Jackalope Spaceways for their blatantly inadequate safety procedures.)

Now without further ado: Strap on your intergalactic safety belts, start up the engines, kick in the Warpdrive, and enter the Wormhole!

Ready? Set. BLAST!