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Return Of The Jackalope is the first album by Cologne-based Stoner Rock 'n' Rollers Plainride. If you ever felt like hitting 666 mph in a beer-fueled Dodge Challenger '69 and embarking on a brain melting hellride through space and time accompanied by 4 German rockers and a horned jackrabbit, you should go check it out.

Article: CD
Label: Beerfuzz Records
Release Date: July 24, 2015


1. Challenger '69
2. Salt River
3. (The Tale Of) Private John Colter
4. Return Of The Jackalope
5. Dog
6. (The Beards Upon) Mt. Rushmore
7. Vengeance
8. The News
9. Black Wolves
10. The Grailknights
11. Beermachine
12. Devil At Your Heels
13. Warpdrive

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