Imagine a pack of rabid tumbleweeds sweeping across the hot desert sand of Mojave set on fire by the nearby explosion of a Dodge Challenger ‘69 driven into a fuel soaked pile of Orange Half-Stacks by four whole-body bearded lumberjacks dressed in bearskin. You still follow? Good.
Now what if I tell you said lumberjacks use guitar strings as dental floss and consider alligator-wrestling the most innocent part of their childhood? There you go. The name says it all: The Truckfighters fight trucks, we ride plains. Inspired by Stoner Rock legends like Clutch as well as European Half-Gods Planet Of Zeus and Stoner Train, we here at PLAINRIDE practice what we con- sider one of the finest Genres ever to emerge from the sacred ashes of the 70’s.
Our recipe?
Earth Rockin’ Drums, A beard growth inducing Bass, Fuzzomental Gui- tars, the Roar of a Wolfman and a whole lotta beer. Ah yeah – and we got those nasty lil’ Jackalopes all over the place. They’re like… F*cking everywhere. What’s up with that, man?

In days long past there was word of a creature roaming the American lands. A fearsome beast – half rabbit, half deer. That creature was known by the name of the Jackalope. First sighted by Private John Colter in 1806, tales of the baneful critter soon became legend amongst those to choose a life in fear over gruesome death. As the years passed by and reliable evidence proved to be a thing of peculiar rarity, Jackalopes were presumed dead or nothing more than the foolish babblings of loners and madmen. In 1813, John Colter died a healthy man of barely 40 years. Some claimed Jaundice to be the cause of his sudden death.
A body was never found.