Plainride April 2016

The Guys

Fabe van Fuzz

Known and feared for his ferocious riffing, Fabe van Fuzz has earned a reputation as one of Europe’s most eccentric noblemen to ever lay hand upon a guitar. As the only heir to a mysterious and shady fortune, funding his ventures had never been an issue for van Fuzz, who in turn invested in but the finest instruments, occult artifacts and obscure literature of questionable origin, linking to the whereabouts of the Jackalope.
Following his unquenchable thirst for power and forbidden knowledge, he joined the band to master the skills he would need to achieve his ultimate goal: Total rock domination.

Max Rebel

After escaping from the seedy orphanage he had called home for most of his life, Max Rebel spent his youth scouring the streets for food or dodging the officials. Though born into poverty, he had been blessed with the gift of the gab, which he blatantly abused to talk himself out of more than a few sticky situations. After scratching along as a mediocre guitar player in various bands for years, a tattered bulletin caught his eye: Plainride were looking for a singer. He knew his time had come.


Leo Lionthatch

Raised by a caste of clerics in a monestary hidden away from the filth and noise of the big cities, Leo Lionthatch quickly developed a keen sense for the gossamer threads binding the physical to the spiritual worlds. However, when he found himself vigorously opposed to the harsh and narrow-minded teachings of his mentors, he abandoned his confinement and sought out for the city. After meditating for months, his destiny revealed itself to him: He was to join the band as the bass player to restore balance to the groove and bring enlightenment to the people.

Florian “The Brave”

Born into a family of landed gentry, Florian was sent to a service academy in order to pursue a career as an officer at a very young age. He would’ve made for a fine soldier – only brooding over strategic maps and the strict military drill didn’t jive with him the least. Instead, Florian found himself skipping class whenever he could, hiding away in secret passages of the fort and practicing grooves with an old marching snare he had stolen from the orchestra. When he was to be drafted for war one fateful day, he knew it was high time to make his escape: Joining a bunch of fellow deserters, he plundered the armory and blew a hole in the east wall. Branded as a traitor, he hid from the authorities for years. But when Florian heard that Plainride were looking for a new drummer, he knew it was time to face his destiny and rise up against those that wanted to see him shackled.