We’re Live! (On Ares)

Worshippers of the riff,

It is with the greatest pride that today we bring you our new album, Life On Ares. We have poured our hearts and souls (and also thousands of liters of beer) into making this record and today we’re sending it off into the aether for it to brave the perils of space-time and make its journey right into your very ears.

Our Eternal Gratitude belongs to all those involved in the creation of Life On Ares:

Marius Ley and Alberto De Icaza for their adamant perseverance, Benni Landmann and Victoria Schaffrath for lending us their Magic, Solomacello for Adding color to sound, Timon Menge for his iron fist, Todd Severin and the entire team at Ripple Music for paving the way, and you, our fans, friends, and families for your unwavering love and support.

(And also the good folks over at Jackalope Spaceways for their blatantly inadequate safety procedures.)

Now without further ado: Strap on your intergalactic safety belts, start up the engines, kick in the Warpdrive, and enter the Wormhole!

Ready? Set. BLAST!


Song Premiere: ‘Wormhole Society’

New song! Strap on your jetpack and head on over to metal.de for their song premiere of “Wormholy Society” from our new album “Life On Ares” coming Sep 21 via Ripple Music!

‘El Coyote’ is out now!

Set phasers to Doom! Our new track ‘El Coyote’ is now up for grabs over at Ripple Music‘s Bandcamp here: https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/t…/el-coyote-single-version

Thank you, have a nice DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

Life On Ares is coming!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Jackalopes, and Space Rangers!

We’re psyched to announce that our new album Life On Ares is coming to you via Ripple Music and will hit planet Earth on September 21st!

It was recorded at Hydra Lab studios in the heart of Cologne, mixed and mastered by interdimensional sound engineer Alberto De Icaza (Clutch, Crobot), and embellished with the galactic art of Milan-based space-prodigy SoloMacello!

For more info on what to expect, the tracklist and a little backstory, check out this rad feature over on More Fuzz!

Set phasers to SHARE, spread the word, and stay tuned for more! ☄️

So long, keep on space truckin’

Return Of The Jackalope out now on Ripple Music!

Oh, sweet baby Beermachine. Jack is back!

We’ve come a long way since we first unleashed Return Of The Jackalope onto the masses (you, that is) and we couldn’t be prouder to release it once more via Ripple Music, one of the world’s most involved heavy rock labels and based in the heart of California.

But this isn’t merely a measly re-issue – nay. We’ve revamped our firstborn with a brand-new cover artwork by our good friend and renowned illustrator Artur Bäcker and we’ve also (finally!) put it on wax. Yes, you heard right: Your favorite Plainride record is now actually a record. On vinyl. 2x 180g of it to be perfectly candid. Stuffed to the brim with bonus material. It’s a beast.

We know you want one. Here’s where you can get your hands on it:

Bandcamp: https://plainride.bandcamp.com/album/return-of-the-jackalope
Ripple Music (Recommended for US- and Non-EU Customers): http://www.ripplemusic.bigcartel.com/…/plainride-return-of-…
On this very website: http://plainri.de/product/rotj_vinyl_lp_black/
Lo-Fi Merchandise:

We’re also back on Spotify, iTunes, and all these other places.

Now get out there and spread the fuzz! ⚡️



Plainride April 2016

Jack’s Family Photos April ’16

Album Announcement: “Return Of The Jackalope” to be released on July 24


We’re finally unleashing our debut album ‘Return Of The Jackalope’ upon the world on July 24. It’ ll be released via Bochum based face-kickin’ label Beerfuzz Records. But don’t take our word for it, just check out the ballin’ album announcement that good ol’ Mr. Fuzz of More Fuzz wrote for us. That’s quite a lot of fuzz right there – just the way we like it…

We’re also giving away 3 copies of the album once it hits the shelves. Just follow this link to get to the announcement post and the contest.

Also make sure to check out the epic artwork we were bestowed upon by Artur Bäcker – an immensely talented sonofabitch and overall asskicker!